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SDS Training and Security Pty Ltd Provider Number 31982 is a Registered Training Organisation Based in Queensland. 

Certificate 3 Security Operations

This course will create the opportunity for employment in specialist areas of the security industry. You will gain critical skills required in developing and carrying out an operational plan, supervising and managing a small team for general security operations relating to the protection of people, self-defense and the defense of others. This course is recommended only for persons who already have a level of experience within the security industry. The course is delivered over a 3 (three) week period of which the first week is dedicated to studying online/self-paced pre-course material, followed by 2 (two) week of face to face training. Students will be required to complete after hour’s research and case studies. Teamwork and team learning skills are encouraged in the classroom. You will be required to have reasonable computer skills and have access to reliable internet and email services. 


Units of Competency

BSBFLM303C Contribute to effective workplace relationships

BSBWOR301A Organise personal work priorities and development

CPPSEC3001A Maintain workplace safety in the security industry

CPPSEC3002A Manage conflict through negotiation

CPPSEC3003A Determine response to security risk situation

CPPSEC3005A Prepare and present security documentation and reports

CPPSEC3012A Store and Protect Information

CPPSEC3006A Coordinate a quality security service to customers

CPPSEC3007A Maintain security of environment

CPPSEC2011B Control access to and exit from premises

CPPSEC2012A Monitor control individual and crowd behaviour

CPPSEC2014A Operate basic security equipment

CPPSEC2015A Patrol premises 

CPPSEC3012A Store & Protect Information

CPPSEC3013A Control persons using empty hand techniques

HLTFA311A Apply first aid


SDS is not CRICOS Registered, therefore, overseas students who have a subclass visa 500 are not eligible to join our courses (this is a Government guideline).


The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) is an Australian Government register that lists all Australian education providers offering courses to people studying in Australia on student visas and the courses offered.