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SDS Training and Security Pty Ltd Provider Number 31982 is a Registered Training Organisation Based in Queensland. 

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  Certificate 3 Security Operations   

   Certificate 2 Security Operations  

   Security Officer Firearms Course  

         Cash-in-Transit Courses           

            Crowd Control Course             

            Certificate 3 Guarantee         

                   Funded Courses               


For more information on the Certificate III funded program




We recommend you watch the following video.  CLICK HERE

Government Funded Courses
The Course's We Offer
  • Certificate 2 in Security Operations

  • Security Officer Firearms Course

  • Cash in Transit Course

  • Crowd Control Course

  • Security Officer re-assessments in CPPSEC3101 

  • Security Officer re-assessments in CPPSEC3121

  • Provide First Aid

  • Re-assessment Qualification in Firearms 

  • Batons and Handcuffs Training Courses


Become a Security Officer

Government Funded Courses $50.00

Conditions Apply  

Reference Materials and Forms